Thursday, May 31, 2007


L'amour...l'une des choses les plus incredibles du monde, incredible par son caractere unique, par son pouvoir de transformer les gens... c'est en effet tout ce qu'on reve depuis notre naissance- dans une forme ou une autre.... Helas, il'y n'a que peu ceux qui puissent se vanter l'avoir vraiment connu pendant leur vie.
l'amour c'est la musique qu'on entend, c'est le parfum sublime des fleur a l'aube, c'est la mer et son gout sale, c'est le regard profond de celui qu'on aime, c'est la beaute de son esprit... et pourtant l'amour n'est plus qu'un reve, un reve qu'on garde pour soi. L'amour est lourd, lourd des larmes et soupirs, etouffant et etranglant a meme temps. il y a pleins de mots ecrits sur l'amour et pourtant je doute qu'il ait personne qui puisse le definir vraiment. Serait-il, peut-etre, parce que si peu de gens l'ont connu vraiment? et qu'une fois connu, l'amour est si parfait, si celeste qu'on ne trouve plus les mots pour l'exprimer?

For you...

some lyrics from Queen... just as a reminder of what we are, what our mission is.... and should be. It really makes me look around and see what we do every day- hurting the ones we care about, hurting the Earth...

Just look at all those hungry mouths we have to feed
Take a look at all the suffering we breed
So many lonely faces scattered all around
Searching for what they need

Is this the world we created...?
What did we do it for
Is this the world we invaded
Against the law
So it seems in the end
Is this what we're all living for today
The world that we created

You know that everyday a helpless child is born
Who needs some loving care inside a happy home
Somewhere a wealthy man is sitting on his throne
Waiting for life to go by

Wooh, is this the world we created...?
We made it all our own
Is this the world we devastated, right to the bone
If there's a God in the sky looking down
What can he think of what we've done
To the world that he created

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sharing a kiss,

like the fragrance of lilac at dawn,

like a salty tear
running down the paleness of your face.
Thoughts, sighs... a total bliss
......... Love.

sad smile

The black clouds of his eyes were hovering over the deserts
like the ebony ravens of death.
The heat of the sun was freezing his soul and skin
like a blizzard woulda Japanese tree in bloom.
Yet his mind's eye could see the light-
The end was there, at the horizon
pale at first, but then much brighter
just like the lickering of a match in the cave of the night.
It was there, just one touch, and he'd have it in the palm of his hand.
One will, one tear, one sad smile and that light would become his.

mirrored rain...

The stonelike drops were embracing the hot essence of the earth in a long-waited for gesture. Generous water gave and took life, bonding physically, mystically Heaven and earth. A sacred bondage, a bridge so frail and yet so promising... Rain was coming abundently, heavy with fragrance and delight, light with hope and tangible. It would be blue again, soon, and life will start on its path more fresh and giving than ever before.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Breaking, the moon hid her pale face behind the dark curtain of the clouds.It was in late October and already a cold wind coming from the North-East was blowing over the dry, almost lifeless nature. The wolves and owls in the woods were howling despair, a death-like despair, like the abyss of a sinful soul tormented in the entrails of hell itself. The leaves of the old trees were all gone by now, covering the chilly ground with a thick blanket of deep, humid fragrance...
En cassant, la lune a caché son visage pâle derrière le rideau sombre des nuages. Il était vers la fin de l'octobre et déjà un vent froid venant du Nord-est renversait la nature sèche, presque inanimée. Les loups et les hibous dans les bois hurlaient le désespoir, un désespoir semblable à la mort, comme l'abysse d'une âme coupable tourmente dans les entrailles d'enfer lui-même. Les feuilles des vieux arbres ont été toutes parties à ce moment-là, en couvrant la terre fraîche avec une couverture épaisse de fragrance profonde, humide...