Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Realities of the same soul

It is more than clear this freezing we are experiencing can be very depressing for many, not only depressing but also an obstacle people have to try and avoid or overpass every time they leave the house. Work has ended up seeming even less pleasant than the usual daily chores, as for walking in the park or on your favourite paths, well those seem dreams put aside in a special box to be opened later in the year.
The only thing pushing people ahead are visual thoughts of warmth and fireplace, a cup of burning hot tea, the hug of the loved one, and why not even an oozing melting chocolate cake. And maybe to get into the atmosphere one sees in the American movies, people might see in their mind's eye candles as well and to complete the image some minds would go as far as to see flowers.
Indeed it is the peak of winter, and yet, thanks to the commercialized world we live in, we don't see it but when we "crawl" or "slide " outside... in the comfy atmosphere of our homes, we live in an oasis of virtual summer if we want to. We have beach movies with tropical islands and dreams, we have beautiful curvacious women wearing swimming suits, or even ice-cream, if we feel like it. And everything gets to us through the magic of the screens, and of the cards...we have finally conquered winter and cold, even though we keep complaining about them. I guess that is how we are moulded - to complain even though or especially when our life goes for the better.
Anyway, talking about being bombed by images meant to mould our mentalities, visions and aspirations here are some glimpses of those visual thoughts...