Sunday, April 24, 2011


Spring has finally arrived making its definite presence among the trees around, in the delicate and fragile grass tickling our feet, in the playful sun rays chasing ladybugs in their lively flight, and people's hearts.

Not surprisingly, surrounded by so much life and joy, people are happier and more open and more lively than some time ago...They twitter, chat and laugh, they enjoy the warmth of the spring days, the fragrance of the coming may nights, the breeze bearing on its wings colorful petals in their ballet.

It is spring again and nature and people alike have come to life.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Black and white....

What if one day we would all wake up into a world of blacks and whites and shades of grey in between? Would we still be thrilled by the beauty around us? Would we still be able to even talk about the beauty around us? What makes things beautiful after all? Is it the mixture of dozens of colours and shades of colours from brighter to paler ones? Is it the shape of things? Is it in what they represent for us, what symbol they bear? What is it in them, in their essence that many times excites our senses? Would we still perceive the world the same intensive way in spite of the missing colours?

I recently woke up one day in such a world....horrified at first at the perspective of
experiencing colours only as remote but profound memories, I set off trying to give the benefit of the doubt to this apparently empty world, cheap copy of what once meant my world...

My footsteps took me on the entangled paths of forests, under the quite bare trees of coming spring, near dried lakes, and near flowers which, because of my half blind vision, seemed to be lacking any fragrance... And yet, to my surprise I was surrounded by beauty... All colours were missing, my mind was missing colours, and yet somehow, in a strange way the original horror was gradually replaced by wonder at a different way of seeing the world. It was as if the sudden simplicity imposed by the dual tone, made things clearer, and the sensations got stronger and more profound... everything had a fresh air about it...It was like the air you breathe at the first snowing each year- cold, humid and surprisingly fresh.

There is a conclusion to all this, if you were wondering... Not always does the beauty stay in the details- beauty of nature, of a person. Sometimes, getting beneath the glowing, colorful surface of something/ someone you get to discover the true value of that something/ someone... And sometimes that glamorous surface attracts you like a moth is to a light, and and exactly like a moth getting too close to the light, you end up getting burned. So maybe sometimes, it is better to get rid of the habit of always looking for fancy, bright and "colourful" details in places, things and people. Maybe there's more to them than meets the eye... Just maybe!

Friday, April 15, 2011

autumn again

The autumn breath was in the air again, more powerful each day and darker and colder as time got by. Black clouds running over the city, their eyes never looking down at the people rushing by, trying to find shelter against the cold winds of the city... Who could take a look at them, always in such a rush, always under so many masks? It was a time of rushing by, never looking behind and around, always neglecting details, more or less important; no time for soul, no time for people any more... no time for wonder, for the joy of discovering, veil by veil, one person as he or she is.

And then no time anymore, to really like that person for what she/he is... It might be a true, but rare art to find in people details, trait brushes that would make you like that person. You meet someone, and there is no wonder in knowing that person anymore, you just end up taking them as they are, no questions asked, no "curious eye" to try and see behind the shell. And you stop there, you go out, you have fun, but there's no pondering, no yearning about that person. In the end it is all about the self, in the end we all fight against the fierce winds blowing into our face, we transiently meet people on our paths, but we rarely look at them, at least not for their sake. We never look unless, it is about us and our interest involved somehow, otherwise, people don't really matter. They and eventually us, just end up being some "happy accidents" in someone's life...we meet, we part, we meet again....until we part for good.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

just another Paradise?

There are always days in life that come with surprises, sometimes bad and disturbing, others bringing joy to your heart, and both types always come with overwhelming feelings, be they good or bad, as said before.

Not long ago, that is a couple of days ago I came across such a day, a day meant by its significance, to be full of surprises. Well, this day didn't let me down, it actually came with a whole bag of surprises, like Christmas was here again, and Santa brought along his red heavy bag of presents... The "surprise" was very good, indeed, although it is somehow paradoxical to call it a surprise, since I already knew it and its purpose above all was to show me I am still a good judge of character, and that I haven't lost my ability to read people, as they say.

A day like any other, but positive in that it showed me... my impressions on people being right... A surprising day full of surprises that somehow surprised me....and still it was just another day...