Thursday, December 27, 2007


someone asked me once what friendship is.... it's definitely not something easy to define, it's rather felt in the heart, felt and lived. Friendship is life lived together with its good and bed moments, it's hope shared, it's dreams talked about and built together...
Friendship is tears wiped from your face by some fingers, it's a warm and smiling face, friendship is direction- knowing where you can turn for advice, support and fun. Friendship is about, above all, giving, about intuitively knowing the other's feelings and sympathising with them.
Friendship is not being alone, is not crying or laughing alone....Friendship is not being down under the too heavy burdens. friendship is not about being selfish, about fixing some goals to achieve and then just heading towards them alone, friendship is not shutting yourself away, friendship is not lying.

Friendship should always be expectations achieved, accomplished, otherwise, the relationship becomes just a utopic, idealistic "could be"... and the one expecting smothing from it would be just an idiot, naive and immature nerd...

Monday, December 17, 2007


The raindrops running down the windows of the French hall were tapping a mad dance... a rhythm that in itself was pure art form, an art so longed for by the young sitting in the light. Her book aside was left open to some lines of splendid beauty, lines whose meaning and innuendoes triggered in her the very memories of what once meant passion of heart.

She rembered her love, the one and only love she decided to put aside, to lock away from all human mind and witty spirit. She knew bravery, or strong will had nothing to do with her reclusion... It was just a state of spirit, a role she had to be playing for a while... self imposed or not, her lonely and so reluctantly understood mood, gave birth to deeper feelings and thoughts she could have ever imagined. It was as if suddenly a black veil had been lifted from upon her eyes. Reality seemed crystal clear now- people were depossessed of their masks, their soul was like a naked skeleton revealing everything to her sharp sense of knowledge and observation. The world in itself was there just to reveal more aspects like a rose would open and reveal its every single petals to the delighted eye, in the light and warmth of the July morning sun.

Looking back over the last year, she finally found the meaning of love- love is not happiness as they all use to say, love is suffering, and through suffering love is healing and knowledge. Love was meant for her, or any other sensible person just to bring deeper understanding of the world, wisdom and patience... once you suffered the tourments of love, you end up seeing the import of reason. Heart is there to tease and torment the weak mind, to make it stronger, sharper and much more analythical.