Sunday, June 12, 2011


It was normal times in a barely normal world, and people were as normal as they could be in those circumstances... And she was just another girl with her own dreams and aspirations, with her own longing and unrequited feelings. And yet she didn't dream of daring and didn't dare to dream about too "fancy" things... All she ever wanted was for someone to hold her hand, to hug her from time to time, and yet, in spite of the simplicity of her desires, there was no one there to do that for her. And in spite of the obvious of her situation somehow, she kept dreaming and hoping that maybe some day her continuous attempts to share her affection and to give would bloom into something worthwhile all this waiting.

But then there come the days when desert finds shelter in her soul, a consuming burning desert that bares and leaves behind nothing but wilderness and seclusion. And those days are harder to cope with each time, the dryness seems harsher and more life-taking than that before... And yet, she humbly hopes to get that simple touch when 2 people are holding hands, that maybe sometimes someone would care enough for her to reach out his hand for her... maybe sometimes...

the rained face of the city