Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall again

All fall is about is gold and copper, and strong blue sky, and feeble but cold wind playing with you as a prelude of winter. And as another winter prelude these days as the clouds have moves East, the mountains have unveiled their peaks, with just a little bit of sugar on top, like cakes grandma used to bake during my childhood...white, delicate and promising, and sweet and flavoured, not vanilla like in the past, but winter-flavoured, that particular smell you can sense when winter is near... Yet as there are no more sugared cakes in the oven, I failed to capture the sugar coating of the mountains, so for now just it's just the gold and the copper, and the richness of fall...

Monday, October 18, 2010


whether it is red, or green, or blue, or purple, each colour has its unique way to touch our retina, and each of us feel more attracted to some of them. Sometimes, because a certain colour reminds us of the first flowers we got, or of the first ball our parents bought for us.

For others, it is the sky their eyes open towards every morning, or the garden they have been working on for the past weeks... for others is the fall that paves the path for winter every year, and the poppies gently swaying in the golden wheat...

The eyes I mirrored myself into are colours- bearing warm promises, and the hair I sometimes like to play with, is colour... the skin bathed in the hot burning sand of beaches and the salty, tumultuous sea is colour. Colours, life as everybody feels it and lives it, life in its beauty and misery, in all its greatness and uniqueness.