Saturday, April 17, 2010

weekend break

Since my hard disk is kinda dead, you'll be probably "happy" to know that posting pictures is out of the question for a while, and since I absolutely can't let this crisis has a too much serious effect on this blog I'll probably write tonight some words I have come across during my virtual and literary wanderings. They are rather quotes, not many so you can hide your little won't have time to get too much bored :)

" People who are only in each other's company for amusement never really like each other so well, or esteem each other so highly, as those who work together, and perhaps suffer together. "

"White brilliant flowers
Floating on the warm waters of the river
towards the South country
of the heart of darkness.

Sweating dark bodies
carrying their sins
like a burden on their shoulders
like a moonless night... "

" Bleak thoughts were lingering outside
the window of her soul.
The mist showed their shape even more grotesque.
Like haunting souls returned from beyond
Turning peace into fight,
Love into hatred
And light into death. "

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Her soul has rested, having travelled beyond the valley of the violet lilac and the white daffodils, and having trodden upon the perfumed waters of April nights.

His soul has travelled as well, but in its path, it hasn't encountered the fragile beauty she has seen. No, he has rather dared the dark depths of faraway seas, he has faced the strong and harsh winds of the North.

Yet, they met.

Two grains of sand have met somewhere in the universe, carrying in their essence her and his aspirations and reflections. They met in the least expected place and time- on an ordinary day of April, in an ordinary street of an even more ordinary town. In fact they had been there for a while, yet not knowing that what they were longing for was neither in the blossoming valley, nor in the salty depths of the seas, not knowing that what/who they needed the most was right there at an arm's reach...

But two apparently insignificant grains of sand made it all happen....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

flowers invasion

with the risk of annoying some people who might have got tired of seeing flowers over flowers again and again, and with the risk of maybe making some of my friends roll their eyes at the sight of too many flowers invading not only my blog, but also photography, and above all also my friends' retina....Well with that risk in mind, I have to admit I can't help it. I am so glad about spring having come that "selfish" as I am, I really feel like sharing my happiness with the people I care about, and why not, with the people I wanna annoy. :)

Then, even though I know that such topic for photography can be seen as just a sugary interest, quite shallow, maybe, I still think that flowers and nature in general are in the end some of the most beautiful things on earth. The problem with such a photography topic, I think, is that nature makes people's job easier. The beauty is there, quite obvious and tangible, whereas other topics might give the artists more hardships in unveiling their true value, thus making the artist's work more valuable and important. "Chapeau!" I might even say, but still this doesn't deny any value to let's say "the easy photography"...either way many times it depends on the subjects you might have at hand, the opportunities offered by people, or places.

So be patient, my dear friends, for lack of subject matter, for the time being you are still stuck with the same topic-nature and its beauty... :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

a personal treat ...prietenii stiu de ce :)

my very favourite ever - Queen and a couple of their rather rare but equally impressive and harmonious songs. They are, after all, the cherry on top of the cake, as they say. Enjoy!

Monday, April 5, 2010

spring at night

It has snowed tonight- the blizzard of dozens flowers blossoming in spring... They say all cats are black at night. I say all trees in bloom are covered in snow at night. I am looking outside my window in the solitary night and all I see are what appear to be snowflakes gently dancing in the night breeze- and still despite my treacherous eyes, other sense tells me I'm wrong.

They must be petals thickly covering each branch in a very unique bond, as I can smell the daffodils and the fresh cherry flowers. It is definitely spring again, and despite the green gaining more and more ground each day, at night black and white take the power. I wonder which is stronger- the all covering dark, or rather the white- pale and yet capable of making itself seen in spite of the dark?

....and it all started from a pink tree gently dancing on the tune of wind on a spring night....