Saturday, May 29, 2010

Modern Man?

There is this very "funny" type of person-cool, many times distant, the prototype of a very reasonable, reliable person. It's a new species that has appeared and evolved under the harsh conditions of the society we live in.

And this perfectly adapted species has a tremendous fear of feelings. Their urge to be accepted, and even more, to impose themselves as very determined and as "I- know- what- to- do- in- any- situation" type of person, has determined them to turn off their feelings. They want to look perfectly adapted and always in control of things, as any sign of vulnerability would damage their image. Thus, feelings would be just a sign of weakness, leading to the impression that person is on loose ground, or somehow out of control of their life.

So occasionally only, this new species would let just for a bit their feelings to take over, but it is so rarely and followed by so much regret afterwords, that the non-feeling state seems a lot more comfortable and at hand to them.

And thus, in time, the subject of feelings and emotions has become taboo for them, they would go on through life boasting about their equilibrated and perfectly balanced nature, about their capacity to think things straight, objectively, without the inherent distractions of the heart. Such things as "I have no feelings" and "What are feelings good at, what is their purpose?" are among the most often used and famous words. Yet, I wonder, why do they feel the need to say this so many times, it almost sounds like a justification, like they were trying really hard to prove their way of life is so much better. If that life devoided of feelings is better why do you feel the need to defend yourself so much?

Besides promoting such verbal "ads" as mentioned above, this new species takes great effort in hiding or stopping any sign of affection- they will always be there for you if you want them to mend your car for you, or paint your house, but they will never be there for you for anything that might require them to show they have feelings. Thy will never wish you a "Happy Anniversary" or "Merry Christmas" because these are just empty words for them, they will never be your shoulder to cry on either. They might want to be your true friend, but they will fail for being incomplete. It will be impossible for them to be there for you 100%, you might overlook this for a while but then in time, you see how emotionally crippled they are, as you start missing the nice feeling of a hug, the warmth and support of some good words told from the heart.

It is sad to see how because of fear of opening one's heart to the life's treasures, people turn into "robots" voluntarily; behind their "boldness" and coolness, they end up being just cowards, afraid not only of their own feelings but mostly of the others. They will use plenty of reasons to justify their rejection of feelings- betrayal, boredom mostly, indifference, a keen sense of the flaws existing in the people around, coupled with a very high self esteem and pride.

It is sad, once again, as they end up hurting others as well on this path they have chosen...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

To Co

The freshly mown grass has waken me this morning
The pink peach flowers delicately
showed me the new day.
Everything looked promising in the warm light of the sun:
Another day in paradise...... without my friend.