Sunday, September 19, 2010

Circus in town

Not long ago a circus troupe came into Sibiu, and like every time such "events" happen, I missed it. After all, going to the circus has never been on my must-do list. Yet seeing clowns, all kinds of circus staff and all sorts of animals cannot be but interesting, even if you are not into circus shows. So I also tried to catch a glimpse of some of the animals that were camped in Strand. And...well, the result is just an elephant and a camel in its shadow. The result, unfortunately, is not entirely a real safari picture, as I was in a hurry, and as my camera doesn't do zooming well. Anyway without much more introduction here's the pic.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to you, Freddie!

There are artists nowadays that work for money, there are others that do it for the pleasure of it, out of passion. Freddie was one of the latter. What I remember about him is his warm and kind eyes, as well as smile, his gorgeous voice and impressive songs.

In spite of a unique shyness and an apparent hesitation in certain moments of his life (especially interviews), Freddie was a totally different person on stage, while doing music. If during the ordinary, usual days of his life he was burning on the inside- deep, hidden yet very profound feelings and experiences, while on stage he was burning on the outside- a flame of feelings- love, exuberance, intensity.

His songs, as well as his voice are full of the passion and the energy of a person living today like there is no tomorrow.

His love for drama and theatre went beyond the stage of his concerts and the sets of his videos. He was an artist in more than one way during his life- a singer, a composer, a player. His great personality, love of life recorded on tape, gave him life beyond his death. He is still now 19 years after his death, more alive than ever in my heart and in the heart of those who have loved him, on the screen or on the radio waves.

So, here is a big Happy Birthday to you, Freddie! You have embellished life and your songs and voice has brought an entire world into my life...